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FRA respects the privacy of everyone that we deal with or that uses our internet site and facilities.

FRA may from time to time collect personal information from individuals. FRA is committed to complying with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) regarding the manner in which we handle your personal information and how we respond to your requests to access and correct it.

How we collect your information

Our primary source of information collection about you is through correspondence and communications we engage in with you, for example, through any contact that you make via this website, other correspondence, telephone conversations and emails including but not limited to information obtained from you and / or sourced as part of a desk or field audit process that we undertake. We may also collect information from sources that are publicly available such as websites, journals and phone books.

We may also make use of cookies on our website to collect personal information about visitors to the site.

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FRA and its officers do not assume any responsibility in relation to the use of this web site and / or the information contained in it.

In particular, FRA takes no responsibility for any information which is supplied from external sources. You should obtain independent expert advice if you are considering relying on any information published on this website. FRA (or any of its members or officers) is not responsible for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred by you or any other person as a result of any error, omission or misrepresentation in the contents of the FRA website.

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Every effort is made to ensure the website accessible. However, FRA accepts no liability for the website to be temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control. FRA does not represent or warrant that this Website will be free of defects, including but not limited to viruses or other harmful effects.

All content available on this website is of a general nature only and may not be suitable for your particular purposes. You should obtain independent expert advice if you are considering relying on any information published on the FRA Website.

For clarity, the matters expressed in this website are done so in good faith by FRA and are limited to the general opinion of FRA as an Association and nothing contained in this website either express or implied represents, alters, amends, or prejudices in any way any conditions of sale and / or terms and conditions of trade for any of the members or associates of FRA relative to that party’s own business activities, policies and associated trading.

Whilst the FRA Members will genuinely endeavour to work in conjunction with the aims and polices of FRA, the individual FRA Members ultimately reserve all of their rights when dealing with any matter involving their intellectual property and / or their rights associated with any cultivar and / or their company policies and procedures.

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