FRA Members

Fruit Rights Australia Inc. (“FRA”) principal members

Mossmont Nursery Pty Ltd: Located in Griffith New South Wales, Mossmont Nursery import, propagate and distribute the Burchell Nurseries stone fruit and almond varieties.

Principle Contact: Mr. Ian Moss

Graham’s Factree Pty Ltd: Located in the Yarra Ranges to the east of Melbourne, Graham’s Factree import, propagate and distribute the Zaiger Genetics range of stone fruit, cherries and almonds as well as stone fruit and pome fruit varieties from other breeders. Graham’s Factree is the Australian representative of the INN group of nurseries.

Principle Contact: Mr. Graham Fleming
Phone: (03) 9999 1999


Montague Fresh (Aust.) Pty Ltd: Located in Melbourne, with orchards located around Australia, Montague Fresh import the summerfruit varieties bred by Bradford Genetics as well as stone fruit and pome fruit varieties from other breeders. Montague Fresh contracts a range of nurseries to propagate and distribute trees of the varieties they manage. Montague Fresh is also a significant grower of stone and pome fruit.

Principle Contact: Mr. Rowan Little
Phone: (03) 9709 8122

Sun World International LLC: With its Australian office located in Mildura, Sun World is a breeder of stone fruit and table grape varieties based in California. Sun World licenses nurseries to produce trees/vines and distribute them to licensed growers and sells the fruit through licensed marketers.

Principle Contact: Mr. Adam Knoll
Phone: 03 5023 4644

QFM Variety Management Pty Ltd: Located in Renmark, South Australia, QFM Variety Management imports stone fruit cultivars from the AC Fruits breeding program in France. QFM Variety Management licence various nurseries to produce and distribute trees of their varieties. QFM Variety Management is also associated with fruit production and packing in the Riverland Region of South Australia.

Principle Contact: Mr. Michael Trautwein
Phone: (08) 8595 5043


Fruit Rights Australia Inc.

PO Box 160
Gembrook VIC 3783
T: 0418 312 910

Fruit Rights Australia is an incorporated Association. Incorporation No: A0060632T